When and where will Dansk Bærefestival take place?
March 28th 2020
Århusgade 103
2100 Copenhagen

Will there be access to food and drinks?
The in-house café is open during the festival hours and serves meals, snacks, coffee and other beverages. No food/drinks in the exhibition hall, please.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?
Sure. We just ask, that you do not bring it into the exhibition hall.

Can I bring a pram/buggy?
Prams and buggies can be parked outside the building. You can very probably find a carrier you can borrow while you explore.

How do I pay for items at the stands?
It is up to each exhibitor how they receive payment. MobilePay (for Danish card holders) and PayPal will definitely get you a long way.

Can I show up and buy a ticket at the entrance?
Yes, we offer tickets sold at the entrance. Should those tickets be sold out, we reserve the right to refuse further entrance to guests without pre-bought tickets.

Can I parc in the area?
Yes. Østerbrohuset has som marked parking booths by the entrance – otherwise you can find booths in the surrounding streets. Be aware, that all booths require a ticket. The ticket machine is located on Århusgade, opposite Østerbrohuset. The Q-Parc app can also be used as payment – area code 3300.

Public transport
Østerbrohuset is 300 meters from Nordhavn Station. Every S-train (except the F-line) stops by this station. So do the buses 3A, 8A and 37. You can use the app DOT to navigate and pay for tickets – or you can pay cash.

Are tickets refundable?
The tickets are non-refundable and non-personal – which allows you to pass it on the some one else, should you be unable to use it. To avoid duplicates, always pay attention when you buy or sell digital tickets. Tickets can only be scanned once and duplicates
In case of cancellation of the whole event, all tickets will be refunded.

Other questions?
Please contact the festival or visit our facebook page for more information.